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GPS Tour GuideWouldn’t it be nice if you could have a local expert with you as you travel to a new place. Someone who could point out and educate you on local history, geography and culture? Someone to point out those hidden beaches and waterfalls. Someone to lead you to the breathtaking views and beautiful locations that youv’e seen in the movies. Well, I’m sure if you had enough money, you could hire somebody to do just that. Squeeze him or her in the back of your rental car between the suitcases and backpacks and listen to all the wonderful stories as you drive Kauai.

For those who don’t have unlimited funds to hire a local expert, there’s a cool app you can get that offers the same benefits but doesn’t take up as much room in your backseat.

GPS Tour Guide

The app is called Kauai GPS Tour Guide. The app knows exactly where you are (via your devices GPS) and talks to you as you drive around Kauai. It alerts you to hidden beaches, scenic lookouts, historic sites, hikes, movie locations, farmers markets and many other Kauai attractions. It also offers regional weather and surf forecasts and has comprehensive beach and snorkeling guides. There’s over 200 points of interest.

If it’s your first time on the island, It’s a no brainer. For under $10 you have access to a bunch of information. If you are a repeat visitor, it’s still a nice tool to have.

You can download the app on the Apple App Store or learn more about the product at

One more thing, no worries about spotty internet service. The app doesn’t require cell phone coverage as you drive.

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