Car Rental for Kalalau Trail

Car Rental for Kalalau Trail

If you decide to rent a car, there are a few things to plan for.

•  Don’t leave any valuables in your rental car.  There have been reports of break-ins at the trail head and elsewhere on the island.  If you have valuables that you don’t plan to hike the trail with, I would suggest leaving them somewhere else.  Don’t leave them in your car at the trail head.  Check out our gear page for a great option for storing gear and also renting gear if you need it.

•  Damage to the car: I would suggest getting car rental  insurance just in case of any damage.  Some people leave the rental car door unlocked to prevent someone from breaking a window to look for valuables.  Your current auto insurance policy may cover rental cars.  If this is the case, buying only supplemental insurance can save you money.  Check with your auto insurance company.  Also, some credit card companies include car rental insurance if you use their card.  Check with your credit card company to find out if they provide this insurance.

•  An option to parking your car at the trail head is to leave your rental car somewhere else and then catching a ride to the trail head.  There are places not too far from the trail head where you can leave your rental car and catch a ride.  Check with Micco (info on the gear page) for this service.

•  Booking early gives you flexibility for choice and pricing.  Longer lead times mean more available cars, a broader selection and better rates for rental cars.

•  Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t return the car late.  Late costs can hurt.

•  Thrifty Car Rental is right near the Lihue Airport and you can book right now for a discount.

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