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Videos of the Kalalau Trail

15 years ago it wasn’t easy to find reliable information, let alone photos and/or videos about Kalalau online. That’s the main reason that I started this site back in 2002. I wanted it to be easier to find trail information for others than it was for me. Now days, with modern technology, it seems there’s a never ending supply of new photos and videos popping up.


Lauren’s Hawaii Visit

A friend of mine borrowed my GoPro Hero3 and shot her adventure in Hawaii, including her hike through the Kalalau Trail. I decided to take all that 10 day video and try to sum it up in 3 and 1/2 minutes !! I hope I did it justice and I hope you enjoy !!

Hanakapi'ai Falls Video

Trail Run Kalalau Trail to Hanakapiai Falls

This is one of the best trails I have ever been on.

News Video

121 hikers rescued from Hanakapiai, Kalalau Trail on Kauai (Video)

The Kauai Fire Department completed a major two-day rescue of 121 stranded hikers from Hanakapiai along the Kalalau Trail.

Hanakapi'ai Falls Video

Hanakapi’ai Falls, Kalalau Trail, Na Pali Coast of Kaua’i

This waterfall is at the end of the 4-mile (one-way) day hike on Kaua’i where you go down 2 miles of the Na Pali Coast, and then you follow a valley away from the ocean up a stream, which you cross many times until you find this waterfall at the head of the valley, after 2 more miles. It’s pretty hard to get lost, but it’s easy to fall in the muddy rainy season. As you can see, it’s a popular hike… and well worth it.


Guide to the Kalalau Trail (Na Pali Coast)

Guide to the Kalalau Trail (Na Pali Coast) A video to demonstrate the beauty and magic of the Kalalau Trail


Running the Kalalau Trail in One Day

This was a bucket list trail for several of us on this run. We had tried to run the trail the year before, but the whole park was closed down as there was an incident where a local pushed a Japanese tourist off a cliff. We returned this year just to run the trail.

Crawler's Ledge (Mile 7) Video

Hiking the 7 mile mark on the Kalalau Trail

This is known as the hardest and most dangerous part of the 11 mile Kalalau trail.


LWNTV’s Motion Kalalau Trail

Greg explores the scenic Kalalau Trail on the Napali Coast of Kauai. His adventure starts out as a solo hike but becomes a journey shared by fellow hikers as they enter the remote Kalalau Valley.

Crawler's Ledge (Mile 7) Video

Kalalau Trail – Scary Part! (GoPro footage)

This is the most dangerous part (mile 7 of 11) of the Kalalau trail in Kauai! We were all scared.
It was all worth it because Kalalau Valley is full of awesome!