The first two-miles of the Kalalau Trail from Ke’e Beach to Hanakāpīʻai Beach is open for day-use without a hiking permit. Visitors must have advanced reservations to enter Hā’ena State Park.  Hā’ena State Park has a 900 visitor per-day limit. Reservations can be made up to 30-days in advance, and no later than the day before your visit.

Parking Reservations can be made for the following times:

  • Morning (6:30am-12:30pm)
  • Afternoon (12:30pm-5:30pm)
  • Sunset (4:30pm-sunset)

If you’d like to stay all day, you’ll have to get all 3 reservations.  Note: Overnight parking is only available by reservation by overnight permit holders.

Haena State Park

Visitors are able to enter the park using any of the following methods. All reservation options include entry to Hā’ena State Park, visiting Kē’ē Beach and day-hiking Kalalau Trail as far as Hanakāpī’ai Beach and Waterfall. Make sure to download your ticket to your phone OR print in advance. There is no cell service at the park so you will not be able to access your online tickets when you arrive.

  1. Shuttle – Shuttle tickets sold roundtrip.
  2. Drive in – Limited parking vouchers are available.  There are only 100 parking stalls.  30 of the stalls are reserved for locals, leaving only 70 stalls available for visitors.
    • You can reserve a parking voucher for $10/timeslot plus $5/person at this link: 
    • Enter anytime after your timeslot begins but you MUST leave by the end time
    • All visitors named on reservation must arrive together in one vehicle (no multiple trips).
    • Make a separate reservation for each vehicle.
    • Cancel 3 days prior to your visit date for refund by emailing with the WS# you wish to cancel.
    • Note: If it won’t let you select a voucher for the day and time specified, they are sold out for that time.  Choose another date or time.
  3. Entry Only Pass – You can walk, bike or arrange a private drop-off (and pickup) into Hā’ena State Park with an Entry Only Pass.  Get one for $5 at this link:
    • There is a limited amount of passes available
    • Note: If it won’t let you select a voucher for the day and time specified, they are sold out for that time.  Choose another date or time.
  4. Pre-arrange a ride in and back out – If you want to pre-arrange a ride to or from the trail head, you can contact Kevin – Call or text at (973) 769-8854. Note: You will still need a reservation to get dropped off at the trail head.

Hawaii Residents: Good news, if you are a resident of the State of Hawai’i.  Residents are exempt from the fee/reservation requirement. You’ll just need to bring your Hawaii driver license or State ID.

Once visitors gain entry into Hā’ena State Park, they can:

  • Spend time at Ke’e Beach or other attractions in the area.
  • Hike 4-miles round trip to Hanakāpīʻai Beach along the Kalalau Trail
  • Hike 8-miles round trip to Hanakāpīʻai Falls. 2-miles to Hanakāpīʻai Beach along the Kalalau Trail and then 2 additional miles up to Hanakāpīʻai Falls. Hiking back to the trial head is an additional 4-miles for a total of 9-miles.

Day-use visitors may not hike on the Kalalaul Trail past Hanakāpīʻai Beach.  A permit is required to hike past Hanakāpīʻai Beach whether or not you plan to camp.

Haena State Park
Haena State Park