Kalalau Goats

Hunting of feral goats and feral pigs along the Kalalau Trail (Kauai public hunting Unit-G) is allowed 365 days each year, archery only, no daily bag limits, permit required. 3-day Unit-G archery permits must be picked up in person at the Kauai Division of Forestry and Wildlife Office in Lihue.

High numbers of goats can be found between the 6 and 11-mile markers. For day trips, try between the 3 and 5-mile markers or up Hanakapiai Valley. Good pig hunting occurs in the first 6 miles of the trail.

Excellent surf fishing for bonefish and trevally can be found at Hanakapiai beach and Kalalau Beach. Fishermen are encouraged to practice catch and release or keep only what they need for a meal. High winter surf restricts most fishing to the summer months. No license or permit is required unless camping.