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Nāpali Coast of Kaua`i
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22 miles round trip

The Kalalau Trail is an 11-mile trail that leads from Ke’e Beach to Kalalau Beach along the Nāpali Coast on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. This website has information and media that will help you plan your outing to the secluded Kalalau Beach and/or Kalalau Valley. The Kalalau Trail is in the Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park which is part of the Hawaii State Parks system.

The Kalalau Trail provides the only land access to this part of the rugged coast. The trail traverses 5 valleys before ending at Kalalau Beach where it is blocked by sheer, fluted pali. The 11-mile trail is graded but almost never level as it crosses above towering sea cliffs and through lush valleys. The trail drops to sea level at the beaches of Hanakāpīʻai and Kalalau.

Camping is only allowed at Hanakoa or Kalalau and is not allowed anywhere else along the trail or at the trail head. Permits are required to camp. You can hike all the way to Hanakapi’ai and up to Hanakapi’ai Falls as a day hike without a permit (although a reservation is required).  Permits are required to hike past Hanakapi’ai even if you don’t plan to camp. The authorized camping areas along the trail do not have tables or drinking water. Composting toilets are available at Hanakapi’ai, Hanakoa, and Kalalau. All camping areas are located on shaded terraces near streams.  Visit our Trail Information page to view a map of the trail to help plan your trip.

 This KalalauTrail.com website is primarily designed to provide general Information about the trail and surrounding areas. You can find information on how to obtain PermitsHealth & Safety concerns on the trail and Frequently Asked Questions.

The Trail

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Mistakes People Make when Planning to Hike the Kalalau Trail

The Kalalau Trail is a rugged trail that includes steep climbs and descents.

Preparing to hike the famous Kalalau Trail.

The Kalalau Trail is a 11-mile trail that runs along the Nāpali Coast on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It is one of the most popular hiking trails in Hawaii, and for good reason. The trail offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, lush rainforests, and towering sea...

Top Reasons You NEED to Experience Kalalau Trail

Stretching for a total of 11 miles and perfectly sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the towering cliffs of the Na Pali Coast where lush greenery, roaring waterfalls, and heavy streams await, the Kalalau Trail is undoubtedly one of the most well-known gems of the...

Surviving a rogue wave

“Get ready to run,” I said to my wife as we watched a muscular swell gain momentum shortly after noon Monday at Hanakapi‘ai Beach. Like the 40 or so people at the beach, we’d hiked the first two miles of the Kalalau Trail on a brilliant sunny day, watching towering...

Do I need a Permit?

One of the most common questions about the trail is "Do I need a permit?". It all depends on what you want to do. It can be a little more confusing since the new reservation system started. Here's a quick guide to make it easier to understand: Do I need a permit if I...

Top things to do

1. Figure out the permit process

You cannot just visit the trail. You must have either a permit or a reservation. Click here to get up to speed.

2. Figure out transportation

Transporation to the trail head is an issue that you need to figure out in advance. 70 parking spots for 960 visitors per day is a problem. Click here to see options.

3. Gear up

What gear do you need? Is there gear rental on the island? What will you do with your other luggage? Click here for the answers. 

Kalalau Trail

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