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There are many wonderful airlines.  I’m a Hawaiian Airlines fan myself.  It feels more like a vacation.

There are many ways to get to Kauai. For most people, the airplane is the only realistic option (unless you are a real good swimmer). Airfare to Hawaii is notorious for being expensive all year round. Here are some tips to help you find cheaper fares.

  • Time of Year – Flying during off-peak times can save you money. You are more likely to find deals between October & February.
  • Avoid Holidays – Everybody wants to fly during the holidays so the prices are pretty steep and it’s very hard to find a deal.
  • Fly Mid-week – The busiest days are Monday & Friday. You’ll be more likely to find a deal on a Tues, Wed or Thursday flight.
  • Flight Times – Be flexible with your flight times. Flying in the middle of the day or night might save some money.
  • Use your Frequent Flyer Miles – Some airlines offer free flights (or close to it) when you sign up for their credit card.
Hawaiian Airlines