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There are many options for you to travel around the island.  Below you’ll find the most common.


Kalalau Taxi Service

Using a Taxi Service can be the most reliable and hassle free. A great way to get to the trail head is through Steve. Who is Steve? Steve lives on Kauai and has a taxi service that can pick you up and deliver you and your bags to the trail head. You can Make Reservations Here or for additional information about rides you can contact Steve at or call him at 808-634-4744.

Car Rental

Car Rental on Kauai

Depending on how much time you plan to be on the island, renting a car might be the best option for you. There have been break-ins reported at the trailhead so make sure to leave nothing of value in the rental car. Rental insurance is also suggested, just in case. Click here for car rental information.


Kauai Bus

There is a bus from Lihue to Hanalei. It is a cheaper option, but it’s not used much by Kalalau hikers because bags or backpacks larger than 10″x17″x30″ are not permitted. Also, if you are on a time schedule, the bus doesn’t always cooperate.  It will take you as far as Hanalei.  You’ll have to find a ride the rest of the way to the trailhead.

Hitchhike KalalauMany people hitchhike around the island.  It’s not my preferred method of transportation but it is for some.  Who knows, you might meet some friendly folks doing so.


These guys totally took care of our entire family (22 of us) while we stayed on Kauai. Booked them online before we arrived, they were waiting for us….When they dropped us off they asked us when we were leaving, set up the pick up on the spot…. and off we went without a hitch. Great service!

Shawn, about


I’ve left my rental car several times for days at a time at Ke’e Beach. No problems. Just don’t leave anything of value in it.

Amy Adams, Oceanside, California


Hitching is the only way to get around. I never stood more than ten minutes with my thumb out.

Chadwick Goodrich, Ironton, Ohio