The purpose of the website is to assist potential Kalalau visitors with the decision to visit as well as help make the arrangements needed to make the trip.  To help stay focused on this purpose the following rules were created for contributors.

All Articles should:Hawaii 2002-193
  • be useful information aimed toward potential Kalalau visitors.
  • be family friendly, written in English with proper grammar and punctuation.
  • give credit to those who deserve credit for any quotes and/or media.
Articles should not:
  • promote any particular person, business, organization, religion or political affiliation.
  • use swear words, be sexual or violent in nature or talk negative about any particular person or group.
  • suggest breaking any park rules or promote any illegal activity.
Articles can:
  • include related photos or videos.
  • include a few sentences about the author that adds credibility to the article.
  • include a link to source material and/or appropriate website.



Articles can be sent to me via email ( or for regular contributors, you can submit them online yourself.

After you submit your article for review, I will read the article.  I might make a few small changes (usually spelling mistakes or reword a sentence to make it more readable) and then I’ll post it online for others to read.  At anytime, you can email me with any questions or issues that arise.