So we all know that when we go hiking we’re bound to forget about something we’re supposed to do. There’s already enough on our minds, right? Even though, it’s important that we remember enough to keep ourselves healthy and prepared. We don’t want to be fainting on any trails, and we surely don’t want to be unprepared for possible situations we Might find ourselves in while hiking.

I was researching hiking preparedness a little and came across a list that I found very helpful. It covers everything from first aid to what to pack and all the way through how to accomplish tasks while on the trail. Something important for all hikers and travelers to remember is the “Leave No Trace” ethic. We as humans have already made a big enough impact on the Earth’s ecosystem, and I’m sure Mother Nature isn’t very appreciative. Traveling along these trails is something we should, and do, cherish. We should be considerate of the fact that countless hikers come along after us, and we don’t want to mess the trail up for them any more than we want to be trekking through other people’s left-behind trash.

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