The Danger of Swollen Streams

There are several stream crossings along the Kalalau Trail. These water crossings can be a great place to take a break, fill water containers and canteens or even cool off by taking a dip. While most of the time the streams are a blessing, they, like most other things, can have their negative side. During or following a big storm, these streams can swell up and become raging rivers. They aren't the harmless oasises that they usually are, but rather they become dangerous, sucking torrents of water that can injure or imperil hikers.

17 Camping Hacks

It seems every time that I camp somewhere I decide that there was something that I should have done different to make my trip a little better. I'm sure this happens to most people. That's why we get to be better and better campers with each trip as our experience widens.

10 Places that make Crawler’s Ledge look simple

Crawler's Ledge is one of the most feared parts of the Kalalau Trail. I imagine it has kept many would-be hikers away over the years. I have a slight fear of heights myself but honestly have never found Crawler's Ledge hard to cross. I think the reasons that it isn't hard to cross are:

The Kalalau Trail is still closed

The Kalalau Trail has been closed since April 2018 due to flood damage affecting the Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park as well as the highway and bridges which are normally used to access the park.  The whole trail is closed to

Story of 27 backpackers that survived Kalalau during the storm of a century

The story of 27 backpackers that survived Kalalau during the storm of a century…. Story, Photos & Video by: Lani Violet (Used by permission) This is only a small portion of our crazy story experiencing the North shore Kauai floods.

Kalalau Valley Timelapse Film

Andrew Studer recently uploaded an updated fantastic new short film of the Kalalau Valley.  It is a wonderful use of time-lapse photography.  The visuals are incredible.   He’s also produced an awesome short film entitled “Kaua’i in Motion”.  You can learn

Is the Kalalau Trail open today?

One of the most common questions asked is “Is the trail open today?” or “Will the trail re-open by tomorrow?” Trail closures are controlled by the State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).   There are two main types

Places you need to visit according to National Geographic

  National Geographic recently posted an article by Maryellen Kennedy Duckett naming Kauai’s jaw-dropping views of the Na Pali Coast as one of the Best Trips of 2017.  For those of you who have been there, this is not a

A photographic journey through the most magical place on Earth

Jamie VanBuhler is publishing a coffee table book of the Kalalau Valley.  A photographic journey through the most magical place on earth! INTO THE VALLEY: Where Everything is Connected is a journey that takes you to a sacred, ancient, breathtaking

The Kalalau Trail Is Hands Down The Most Incredible Hike In America

Carla Herreria wrote a recent article for the Huffington Post about the Kalalau Trail.  She appropriately titled the article: The Kalalau Trail Is Hands Down The Most Incredible Hike In America. If you’re looking for the most epic hike in America,

5 of America’s Most Adventurous Trails To Hike by Travelers Today

The Kalalau Trail is mentioned all the time by different publications all over the world because of it’s amazing and sometimes scary views and features. Travelers Today recently published an article called “5 of America’s Most Adventurous Trails To Hike”

Renegades, Risks and Rewards of the Napali Coast

The DLNR released this video entitled: Renegades, Risks and Rewards of the Napali Coast

Top Reasons You NEED to Experience Kalalau Trail

Stretching for a total of 11 miles and perfectly sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the towering cliffs of the Na Pali Coast where lush greenery, roaring waterfalls, and heavy streams await, the Kalalau Trail is undoubtedly one of the

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