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When the Kalalau Trail is closed

On occasion parts of the Kalalau Trail is closed to visitors. Sometimes this is due to trail maintenance or a planned event like it was last summer for the feral goat and pig hunt. When these planned events happen, the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), Division of State Parks does not issue permits during that time period. This can be disappointing if you were planning a trip for that time period but at least you can find out ahead of time that there are no permits available.

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10 Gorgeous Places to See Via Kayak

Na Pali Coast on Kauai, Fox Island in Alaska, Sardinia, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, Chilean Patagonia, and five more breathtaking views. It’s no wonder we made the list. If you’ve already been across the grueling trail, why not visit the coast in a kayak?

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Hiking Na Pali Coast the Kalalau Trail (HD)

Thanksgiving Break 2010, at the last minute my friends and I decided to hike the entire Na Pali Coast and Hanakapi`ai Falls for a total of 26 miles. We hiked 11 miles on the first day and 15 miles on the 2nd day. We passed by some of the most magnificent landscapes I’ve ever witnessed, vivid sunsets, remote waterfalls, and even witnessed fire dancing at the hikes end. Kauai is truly a garden island paradise.

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First Experience at Kalalau

My first experience at Kalalau was back in 2002 when my buddies and I made an “all guys” 10-day trip to Hawaii (The wives still have not forgiven us). We hit all the islands SCUBA Diving, Jet Skiing, Camping and Hiking.

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