Fox News recently put out a list of the world’s most amazing waterfalls.  Hanakapi’ai Falls along the Kalalau Trail was among them.  Here’s what they wrote about Hanakapi’ai Falls:

Located on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, Hanakapi’ai Falls can be found deep in Hanakapi’ai Valley. Seeing the falls will take some effort. You first need to hike two miles on the Kalalau Trail before trekking another two miles inland. The hike is strenuous, and is eight miles round trip, but your efforts will be rewarded with a view of one of Hawaii’s most beautiful falls.

he Kalalau Trail is an 11 mile trail that leads from Ke’e Beach to Kalalau Beach along the Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.  The Kalalau Trail is part of the Hawaii State Parks system.


Here’s the top 10 falls that were listed in the article “World’s most amazing waterfalls”:

  1. Alamere Falls (California)
  2. Angel Falls (Venezuela)
  3. Gullfoss (Iceland)
  4. Hanakapi’ai Falls (Hawaii)
  5. Havasu Falls (the Grand Canyon)
  6. Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil)
  7. Niagra Falls (New York and Ontario, Canada)
  8. Rhine Falls (Switzerland)
  9. Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe)
  10. Yosemite Falls (Yosemite National Park)

I’ve only been able to visit 4 of the top 10 so far in my life.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see a few more soon.  Here’s a picture I took of a beautiful famous waterfall in California when I visited Big Sur area:

Big Sur, California

Big Sur, California

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