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10 Trek-Worthy Beaches Around the World

They all were mentioned in an article about "10 Trek-Worthy Beaches Around the World" published this week. None of the beaches are easy to get to. There are no parking lots adjacent to these beaches. That makes each of the beaches a reward for hard work. Kalalau Beach tops the list. Here's what was said about Kalalau:

Babymoon Hotspots on Kauai, Hawaii

Kalalau made it on the list of Babymoon Hotspots on Kauai published this week. What's a babymoon? USA Today explains it this way: "Babymaking can be exhausting, and babymakers need a break every now and then.

USA Today’s: America’s most stunning views

USA today published an article on August 4, 2014 about America's most stunning views. Views from the Kalalau Trail were among those that rose above the rest to make the top 10. Here's what they had to say about Kalalau:

10 Gorgeous Places to See Via Kayak

Na Pali Coast on Kauai, Fox Island in Alaska, Sardinia, Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, Chilean Patagonia, and five more breathtaking views. It's no wonder we made the list. If you've already been across the grueling trail, why not visit the coast in a kayak?

10 Best Hiking Trails on Earth

The Kalalau Trail along the Napali Coast was listed as part of USA Today's 10 Best Hiking trails. The Na Pali Coast is a very special place.

The 10 Most Beautiful Places in America

It's a nation so blessed with sights -- natural and man-made -- that you could ask all 300 million residents for their favorites and expect 300 million different answers. So how do you go about picking the country's 10 most beautiful spots?

America’s 10 Most Dangerous Hikes

The Kalalau Trail made Backpacker Magazines list of the 10 Most Dangerous Hikes in America. They point out the dangerous cliffs, footing and wet weather. The Kalalau Trail ranks a 6 on the Danger Scale.

Kalalau Trail listed among the Best Hikes in Hawaii

Not that we ever doubted it but The Kalalau Trail was listed atop the list of the best hikes in Hawaii in Outside magazine. Here's what they had to say about the Kalalau Trail: