In the past I’ve hiked with way too much in my backpack. I chose to go light weight this trip. A small fleece sleeping bag and camp pillow. Water (with purifier), food, cameras with charger, hiking poles, headlamp, small first aid kit, bug spray, & sunscreen. You’ll regret it if you take things that you don’t need.

Ultimately the trail is as beautiful as always. I had a great trip and met lots of great people along the way. I always love talking to people on the trial: people from all over the world who come to visit this wonderful place.

Additional Photos:

After the hike I took additional photos of the area from a boat and helicopter. I still have a lot of photos to go through so more photos will probably land on this page as I sort through them all.

Interesting combination of photographs I took from the boat.
Not very realistic but fun to look at.

Kalalau Trail Logs

If you have a taken a recent trip on the Kalalau Trail and have stories and/or photos to share, contact us and we can post them. Logs help others to plan their trips.