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Want to visit Kalalau? Plan ahead. Get a Permit.

I often get emails from people around the world telling me that they planned a trip to Hawaii to hike the Kalalau Trail and they just found out that there are no permits available. They usually ask questions like: Can I be put on a waiting list? Will more permits be issued at a later time?

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Hiking Permits

Hiking permits are necessary in order to fully hike Kalalau Trail, but you have to make sure to get them on time. In many instances people get to Kauai and decide last minute to hike, and are surprised to find that the permits are sold out. If this happens to you, you aren’t totally out of luck.

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Hiking Tips- Important for Everyone!

So we all know that when we go hiking we’re bound to forget about something we’re supposed to do. There’s already enough on our minds, right? Even though, it’s important that we remember enough to keep ourselves healthy and prepared. We don’t want to be fainting on any trails, and we surely don’t want to be unprepared for possible situations we Might find ourselves in while hiking.

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